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Features of LMIS

  • Patient Registration & Invoicing
    • Patient Registration & Test Details
    • Price List & Discount Management
    • Referral Tracking
    • Credit Parties
    • Online Appointment Management
    • Home Visit Management
  • Workflows
    • Sampling / Barcoding / Accession
    • Worklist / Single & Batch Processing
    • Outsourced Tests Management
    • TAT Calculations
    • Test Result Capture
    • Multi-level of Approval Workflow
  • Customize Report Template
    • 500+ Ready to Use Test Report Templates
    • Easy to use Formulae Management
    • Pre-Populated Reference Ranges
    • High / Low Value Indicators & Validations
    • Profile Management
  • Report Printing & Dispatch
    • Queue based Report Printing directly to Printers
    • Printer Selection / Page Setup
    • Customization of Header & Footer for Print
    • Report Delivery through Email & Courier
    • Report Delivery Worklist
    • MIS on Dispatched, Ready to Deliver Reports
  • Notifications
    • Configurable Notifications through SMS & Email
      • Critical Result Values
      • Delivered Reports
      • EOD Revenue
      • Patient Registration
      • Report Ready for Pick-up
  • Associates & Corporate Management
    • Corporate Rates & Discount Management
    • Invoicing & Payment Tracking
    • Doctor Referral Management
    • MIS for Monthly Billing
    • Outsourced Lab Rate List
    • Outsourced Hospital Rate List
  • Decision Support System
    • 360° Lab Dashboard View
    • MIS – Export to PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Machine Interfacing
    • Uni-directional
    • Bi-directional
  • Deployment
    • LAN Environment (Offline Mode) [+]
    • Cloud Environment (Online Mode) [+]
    • Online & Offline Sync Environment [+]


Seamlessly Manage Operations

Streamline all processes and functions for operational excellence.

Provide Unmatched Convenience

Make booking appointments and making payments secure and hassle-free right at your patients' fingertips.

Enhance Patient Experience

Deliver test results as soon as they are available, saving precious resources and time.

Go Social

Integrate with Social Media for better visibility.

Connect More

Collaborate with patients, healthcare providers and other labs through a single interface.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Replace paper forms by virtual registration; eliminate manual lab order preparation. Decrease paper usage through e-report generation and sharing.

Drive Business Growth

Employ intelligent online marketing & promotion strategies to increase footfall. Leverage the platform to enhance cross selling and up selling. Proactively track and follow up with interested patients.

Zero Downtime

You can integrate HFA in parallel to your existing processes. What's more, since no software is required, HFA solution can be launched within minutes.


  • 1What is ? is a cloud based platform that helps various stakeholders of the healthcare industry to connect, collaborate and share medical information & data with each other in a secured environment.
  • 2How does it helps Laboratories and Diagnostics ?

    Laboratories and Diagnostics have typical business issues which they face in their day to day operations. Besides patient handling & providing customer Support. Semi-automated or manual handling of Operations, un-organized workflows, paper based of Test Reports, managing Orders from their associates like doctors, other or nearby hospitals adds up to their woes.

    "HFA for Lab" module helps Laboratories to solve their business issues by providing them one-stop-solutions for

    • Workflows
    • Patient Engagement
    • Associate Connect
    • Offers management
    • Campaign Management
    • Online and Mobile Payment Facilities
  • 3How does it help labs to go Online or digital ?

    Besides helping lab in automating their workflows. Our focus is also to give them an end-to-end Online Presence.

    By using our platform , labs can create their profiles, showcase test available, offer online appointment, create test package offers and book orders online. Last but not the least, Labs can also collect online payments and send e-test reports to patients.

    In short , we help you create ,maintain and expand your Online and Digital Identity!!!!

  • 4Can I offer Self Care Portal to my patients?

    You can integrate our Patient Login to your existing website and provide accessibility to your patients of their test reports @ no extra cost to you. Your patients will be able to access their medical test reports throughout their life.

  • 5Can I create offers and wellness packages and sell it online ? Can I also collect payment for the same ?

    Yes!! You certainly can create wellness and other test packages on your own within minutes and publish it for online sales. Since we also offer integrated online payment services, you can collect payment from your customers at the time of order booking.

  • 6What is Associate connect ?

    Associate Connect is a feature which allows you as a Lab to connect with doctors across the city or other cities to accept online test orders from them. You can also associate yourself for accepting orders and dispatch e-test reports with other Labs and hospitals.

  • 7Can I create and run Campaigns to promote our services ?

    Yes, you can create specific targeted campaign and reach your customers through email and SMS. Creating and managing of Campaign can be done by yourself OR you can avail for services from us.

  • 8Can I change our test rates which is published through this module on ?

    Fully under your control. You can make the changes any time as far as you have administrator access to your Lab login.

  • 9What more do I get?

    A complete Reporting and Dashboard module which gives you a graphical representation of Revenues, Collections, New Customers, Offer Results, Market Campaign Success Rate, Online visibility score etc.

  • 10Do I need to have my own hardware to use this platform ?

    No. You do not need to buy your own hardware.

    Our platform is Cloud Based which means that you can access it anytime anywhere through Web Browser or Mobile Phone.


With "hfa for Laboratories" you do not spend thousands of rupees on set up, maintenance and licensing fees anymore. Nor do you pay for workflow- driven customizations and round the clock IT team for support. Just get in touch with us and we will give you pleasant surprise Doctor !!!
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