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Doctors Challenges

With the growing emphasis on the quality of care doctors/physicians need smart solutions that help them effectively overcome everyday challenges, such as:

  • Engaging in a variety of managerial activities, including appointment management, scheduling etc.
  • Cumbersome systems and conventional processes that are inefficient, demanding and time-consuming
  • Ensuring effective communication with patients and other associates
  • Extracting useful data from multiple information systems, available in varying formats
  • Follow-up with patients post care
  • Compliance with latest regulations and performance benchmarks
  • Providing safety and efficiency while reducing cost

Features of Doctor Connect

  • Patient Registration & Invoicing
    • Patient Registration
    • Appointment & Scheduling
    • Follow-ups
    • Reminder Services
    • Messaging
  • Patient Health Record
    • Digital Patient Records
    • Store & View Lab Reports
    • Share Medical Records with Specialists
    • Share Medical Records for second Opinion
    • Notes & Observations
  • Clinic Management
    • Doctor & Clinic Profile
    • Staff Management
    • Location Management
    • Role Based Access
  • e-Prescription
    • Prescription to Patient Electronically
    • Specialty Based e-Prescription
    • Medicine Database included
    • Pathology & Radiology Test included
    • Refer for Second Opinion
  • Business Intelligence
    • 360° Clinic Dashboard View
    • New Patient Vs Repeat Patients
    • Patient for Follow-ups
  • Notifications
    • SMS & Email
      • Appointment Fixed & Cancelled
      • Follow-up
      • Vaccinations
      • Medications
  • Deployment
    • LAN Environment (Offline Mode) [+]
    • Cloud Environment (Online Mode) [+]
    • Online & Offline Sync Environment [+]


Be In Charge

Plan your day efficiently, while assigning and prioritizing tasks, including scheduling, registration, quality compliance, care and follow-up.

Ensure High-Quality Care

With all necessary patient information available on one dashboard, focus on ensuring improved quality of care and drive better clinical outcomes.

Expedite the Care Process

Prevent unnecessary delays that are common in conventional processes by publishing e-Rx, ordering for lab tests online and receiving e-Reports on a single platform.

Empower Patients

Ensure that your patients have access to all relevant information, right at the click of their mouse; enhance adherence to treatment plans.

Make Consultation Easier for Patients

Enable patients to book appointments and make payments securely from the convenience of their home.

Ensure Patient Privacy

Protect sensitive patient information securely through the robust access control.

Drive Seamless Health Information Flow

Communicate with patients, labs, pharmacies and other associates through a single interface, ensuring faster and safer flow of information.


  • 1What is ? is a cloud based platform that helps various stakeholders of the healthcare industry to connect, collaborate and share medical information & data with each other in a secured environment.
  • 2How does it helps Doctors ?

    Doctors engage themselves in a variety of managerial activities, including appointment management, scheduling, follow up with patients, compliance with regulators which leaves them with very less time to provide quality care to the patients. Less or no visibility into Patient health records pose a bigger challenge in diagnosing a patient and accordingly recommend tests or medication.

    “HFA for Doctors” module helps Doctors to solve their business issues by providing them one - stop - solutions for

    • Patient Engagement
    • Patient Health Record
    • E-Prescription
    • Associate Connect
    • Clinic Management
    • Online Payments
  • 3How does it help Doctors to go Online or digital ?

    Besides helping doctors in streamlining their daily operations & Patient engagement ….…. Our focus is also to give them an end - to - end Online Presence.

    By using our platform, doctors can create their own profiles, showcase their educational background, specialty, offer online appointment. Last but not the least, Doctors also provide convenience of Online Payments to their Patients for consultations.

    In short, we help you create, manage and maintain your Digital Identity thereby making you available to your patients ANYTIME, ANYWHERE !!!!

  • 4Can I offer Self Care Portal to my patients ?

    Yes, your Patients will be having a FREE access to their login which can be used to store and view e-prescription provided by you or from other health care providers.

  • 5What is Associate connect ?

    Associate Connect is a feature which allows you as a Doctor to connect online with nearby Laboratories for dispatching or accepting tests results and reports. You can also associate yourself with Chemists and other doctors for expert opinion.

  • 6What more do I get ?

    A complete Reporting and Dashboard view which gives you a graphical representation of Appointments, Follow Ups to be done, New Patient Acquisition, No. of Test Prescribed etc.

  • 7Do I need to have my own hardware to use this platform ?

    No …… You do not need to buy your own hardware.

    Our platform is Cloud Based which means that you can access it anytime anywhere through Web Browser or Mobile Phone.


With “hfa for Doctors” you do not spend thousands of rupees on set up, maintenance and licensing fees anymore. Nor do you pay for workflow- driven customizations and round the clock IT team for support. Just get in touch with us and we will give you pleasant surprise Doctor !!!
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